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Here at DrSlotz, we want to keep you updated with the best slots to play, how to find them, evaluate them and play them. You can check out our blog for the new slots hitting the casino lobbies, with an overview of the game, its developer and our reviewer’s opinions. At the same time, you can also take a look at our tell-it-as-it-is best online casinos 2020 reviews. The is a multitude of new slots that arriving on the casinos. The number of software developers, both familiar and new, are producing can be a little overwhelming, so we do the leg work for you.

What do we look for? 

  • We check our the RTP of a slot, so you have an understanding of the payout potential. 
  • The volatility, which can give you an idea on how often a payout will appear. An important aspect for planning your gaming budget.
  • Of, course we look at the slot features, from the reels to the bonus games.
  • The reels are they a classic 3×3 or the more popular 5×4 of the video slots, they could also be expanding reels, or cascading reels, whatever they are out reviews will let you know.
  • We also keep our eye out for any new casinos with exciting bonus offers that include free spins.
  • Our reviews will also evaluate mobile compatibility, graphic and sounds and their opinion of the entertainment value.
best slots

The Best Slots - What Makes Them So?

What makes particular slots the best slots for you to play? Naturally, that varies as to the player; one person’s best slot might not be what someone else wants to play. But, what most players are looking for is the best slots payout and if there are free spins. The next question would be, should I play new slots or my old favourites? There are pros to both them; with you your regular slots you are in your comfort zone. You know the rules, the payouts and what features you are chasing. New games offer diversity, new challenges, new features and casinos often add in a bonus for playing them!

Some of the slots we review don’t necessarily have complicated features. But, what they do have is well-thought-out features that flow with the gameplay. A lot of today’s newer slots are based on popular novels, comics, TV shows, exciting films and familiar cartoon characters. You can find genres of every description from the retro bells, whistles and cherries to intense special features found on slots like Microgaming’s Games of Thrones or Play’n GO’s Viking Runecraft. Exciting features are what makes video slots so popular, with developers always on the lookout to expand on this aspect. Some of the features to look out for include wilds, multipliers, scatters and collapsing stacks. Plus, bonus games, from ‘pick-me’ bonuses to interactive levels to the gameplay, all geared towards improving wins and the gameplay experience. Check out our reviews on new slots to see what features you have to look forward to

best slots

Best Slots - The Features That Make Them Exciting

Let’s start with Scatters on the best slots. These get their name from the fact they are found ‘scattered’ about the reels. When a certain number appear on the reels, they can trigger a bonus feature, which in turn can lead to some of the best slots payouts. Scatters can appear off the paylines but still count. Unique to every game scatters tend to be a symbol that represents the slot’s theme, like IGT’s Cleopatra slot has the infamous Egyptian landmark the Sphinx as its scatter.

Something we look for from the best slots is the wilds. These symbols add an exciting, anticipatory element to the gameplay, Not knowing when they will appear, just that they do, provides a surprise aspect that makes slots so engaging. Wild symbols also tend to follow the slot’s theme, or often appear as the games logo. Their action when appearing on a payline is to substitute for any other symbol, except a scatter, making for some exciting payouts. New slots are challenging the norm, and wilds and scatters can have different effects. Keep up with the evolving roles of these special symbols and their impact with our reviews.

Multipliers And Free Spins

All the best slots will have some form of multipliers, and they can be the scatters and wilds of the game that brings them. These influence the payout of a winning line, giving double, triple or even up 100x multiples of the wager. In some slots, you can collect symbols to increase the game’s levels, where at a certain amount you can trigger free spins. Some of the slots also incorporate multipliers into the bonus spins. // As slot developers seek different features, these basic ones are constantly evolving, and we can see new ones coming on board. Wilds now can be sticky, expanding, stacked overlaid, and their adaptations keep coming. It is an exciting time in the industry with software developers challenging the ‘norm’, pushing innovation to attract players and casinos to their games. Keep informed with all things new and exciting from our DrSlotz casino hub.